15 powerful content ideas from Instagram

If your Instagram content strategy is insufficient, you’ve come to the right spot to uncover the right solution. Here are 15 Instagram original content ideas to help you improve your strategy. Let’s get started!


User-Generated Content:


User-generated content, or UGC, is a great way to receive community-created posts in your feed. It’s also a fantastic way to attract new fans, increase sales, and convert your viewers into paying consumers. Don’t forget that your audience is a fantastic source of valuable material. However, do not post any User-Generated Content in which you have been tagged. You should design a brand hashtag for your company. Re-share the great content created by your followers that used your branded hashtag.


Spotify’s playlists:


A great playlist is something that everyone enjoys. Growing a Spotify network and introducing branded playlists allows your brand’s personality to blossom. Don’t forget that there are people that follow your favorite brand on social media. You may increase the number of people who listen to your Spotify playlists by using Instagram’s stories section.


Instagram’s Reels:


Instagram reels are a new tool that allows users to create 15-second videos with audio and text overlays, akin to TikTok. Brands and enterprises can use Reels to create engaging and entertaining Instagram video content. Reels are getting more and more popular every day, and most businesses are already using them to grow their market.


Using Instagram Stories:


Instagram stories encourage marketers to post more organic content than posts on their Instagram feed.


Instagram story views grow, which helps to give your firm a high brand appearance. Users want Instagram stories to look normal because it boosts the number of Instagram story views. Your customized narrative highlights can also be set up on the Instagram profile. When guests view your Instagram profile, they are more inclined to look at the bio section. Under the bio area, you’ll see the brand highlight options. So, the best way to get more people to look at your Instagram stories and see your brand is to save them as highlights.


What Goes on Behind the Scenes:


Your social media accounts are an excellent place to share photographs or videos of your company’s internal dynamics. On any given occasion, give fans a sneak peek into your brand’s daily activities. It’s always fascinating to observe how things are packaged for shipment or how events are planned. It may be a video and then shared on Instagram stories or Reels.


Blog posts:


If you’ve got a company blog, share your blog links with the public. If you have more than 10,000 Instagram followers, share your tales, and the viewers will use the swipe-up link on Instagram. If you don’t have 10,000 followers, don’t fret; there are other ways to direct your viewers to your target page. You may ask folks to visit the link in your bio by posting it in the feeds section of Instagram. It assists you in increasing sales and traffic, and the best part is that it is completely free.


Spread the Word:

If your company is mentioned in the news, let your audience know. It convinces your viewers that you are a reliable company or brand. Also, a little boldness isn’t going to decimate your brand or anyone else’s.

Distribute Stock Photos:


Stock images are a terrific way to save cash, time, and labor if you want to add appealing visuals to your posts or feed. When text requires a clear illustration, you can include stock photographs or videos in your post to add originality to your content and increase the number of people that visit your brand page. It’s important to match stock photos to the style of photos you usually post so that your feed looks full.


An Employee on Spotlight:


Allow your staff to shine by giving them opportunities to do so. Consumers develop a desire to see humans back at their favorite businesses. It gives individuals an excellent opportunity to connect with the brand on a more personal level. 


Creating a Game:


Creating games for social media networks is a good way to stay current and increase the engagement of your followers. You can also create challenges for people to participate in, increasing your impressions and reach. If you start a challenge on Instagram stories, it will vanish after a day. As a result, you can also share it on Instagram.




It’s aimed at podcasters and YouTubers alike. Taking a bite-sized audio clip from a popular podcast and translating it into audiograms for social media networks is a great way to boost your social media content strategy.

These audiograms can be made in a variety of methods. Even if you aren’t a podcaster, it works. If your company or brand has video content on YouTube, you can create audio samples from the video content and do the same thing.



Uploading new testimonials increases customer confidence in the service/product and encourages fans to share their own personal stories in the hopes of being featured. It’s an excellent way to turn fans into lifelong brand champions. 


Influencers’ Content:


Collaboration with influencers is beneficial to the brand. Influencers are content providers who assist in the creation of content for your channel. Seek out influencers with higher engagement rates than followers. It implies that the influencer’s audience is more interested in their material, resulting in more traffic and sales for your company. Most businesses and companies on Instagram now use influencer marketing to increase conversions.


Commentary from a user:


Inquire about the opinions of your audience. The direct questions not only increase interaction but also help you get to know your target audience better. To get input from your clients, you can use Instagram story stickers such as question stickers and polls. One of the most well-known firms on Instagram uses Instagram stories to pose queries to which they receive countless responses. The data is then converted into Instagram feeds. It’s a clever strategy for gaining a customer’s faith in your brand or company.



It’s always exciting to think of new Instagram content ideas. Now is the ideal time to put your innovative ideas into action. What was the first content idea you’re going to test out from this list? Each suggestion appears to be an excellent means of achieving your goals. Choose the concepts that will appeal to your audience.