How Consumers Prefer to Interact With Brands

Customers have varying communication choices when it comes to the companies they love. Some people prefer to phone a firm to learn more about its services, while others prefer to interact with a chatbot. Because your goal is to build a client experience that responds to their wants, you would like to learn which channels they like.


Clients prefer learning about products in the following ways:

Participants in a poll were questioned about how they liked to contact businesses when seeking information on a product or service.

  1. Content Evaluation:

Audiences generally favor evaluating the data that your company produces, so it’s critical to address this demand in your marketing plan by generating the valuable information that your target audiences want.  It’s also important to know where your target customers spend most of their time so you can reach them on their favorite platforms.


2. The Internet and Social Media:


When it comes to obtaining ideas on social media, 56% of users are affected by postings published by friends and family. Furthermore, 58 percent of millennials believe that social media platforms are more effective than web searches for discovering new brands.

3. Reviews to read:


When it comes to reading reviews, analysis from 2021 revealed that user-generated content (UGC), of which reviews are one type, has 8.7 times the influence of influencer material and 6.6 times the impact of branded content. Sixty-six percent of people have also said they have left an eCommerce store without buying anything because the site didn’t have customer reviews or photos.


Customers’ Preferences for Interacting with a Company:


When contacting a firm via the internet, poll respondents opted to communicate with a human representative from your organization. Given the rise of chatbots, it is an interesting statistic to be aware of. While the AI-powered tool is unquestionably useful, clients have told us that they wouldn’t want you to base your whole marketing strategy on an automated tool.

Nevertheless, a mix of chatbots and human agents is the second-highest choice. Even if consumers prefer to speak with a live person, you can include both technologies in your plan. When combining the two, try to make bots that complement the human experience. For instance, a bot can start a discussion and gather information before routing the consumer to the agent best suited to help.

Clients are also fine with using chatbots for simple tasks like tracking orders, checking status or balances, and changing orders.




It’s critical for a business to align the ways it sells with the ways customers desire to buy. Use the information from this article to make sure you’re connecting to current customer needs and reaching them where they want to be met.


15 powerful content ideas from Instagram

If your Instagram content strategy is insufficient, you’ve come to the right spot to uncover the right solution. Here are 15 Instagram original content ideas to help you improve your strategy. Let’s get started!


User-Generated Content:


User-generated content, or UGC, is a great way to receive community-created posts in your feed. It’s also a fantastic way to attract new fans, increase sales, and convert your viewers into paying consumers. Don’t forget that your audience is a fantastic source of valuable material. However, do not post any User-Generated Content in which you have been tagged. You should design a brand hashtag for your company. Re-share the great content created by your followers that used your branded hashtag.


Spotify’s playlists:


A great playlist is something that everyone enjoys. Growing a Spotify network and introducing branded playlists allows your brand’s personality to blossom. Don’t forget that there are people that follow your favorite brand on social media. You may increase the number of people who listen to your Spotify playlists by using Instagram’s stories section.


Instagram’s Reels:


Instagram reels are a new tool that allows users to create 15-second videos with audio and text overlays, akin to TikTok. Brands and enterprises can use Reels to create engaging and entertaining Instagram video content. Reels are getting more and more popular every day, and most businesses are already using them to grow their market.


Using Instagram Stories:


Instagram stories encourage marketers to post more organic content than posts on their Instagram feed.


Instagram story views grow, which helps to give your firm a high brand appearance. Users want Instagram stories to look normal because it boosts the number of Instagram story views. Your customized narrative highlights can also be set up on the Instagram profile. When guests view your Instagram profile, they are more inclined to look at the bio section. Under the bio area, you’ll see the brand highlight options. So, the best way to get more people to look at your Instagram stories and see your brand is to save them as highlights.


What Goes on Behind the Scenes:


Your social media accounts are an excellent place to share photographs or videos of your company’s internal dynamics. On any given occasion, give fans a sneak peek into your brand’s daily activities. It’s always fascinating to observe how things are packaged for shipment or how events are planned. It may be a video and then shared on Instagram stories or Reels.


Blog posts:


If you’ve got a company blog, share your blog links with the public. If you have more than 10,000 Instagram followers, share your tales, and the viewers will use the swipe-up link on Instagram. If you don’t have 10,000 followers, don’t fret; there are other ways to direct your viewers to your target page. You may ask folks to visit the link in your bio by posting it in the feeds section of Instagram. It assists you in increasing sales and traffic, and the best part is that it is completely free.


Spread the Word:

If your company is mentioned in the news, let your audience know. It convinces your viewers that you are a reliable company or brand. Also, a little boldness isn’t going to decimate your brand or anyone else’s.

Distribute Stock Photos:


Stock images are a terrific way to save cash, time, and labor if you want to add appealing visuals to your posts or feed. When text requires a clear illustration, you can include stock photographs or videos in your post to add originality to your content and increase the number of people that visit your brand page. It’s important to match stock photos to the style of photos you usually post so that your feed looks full.


An Employee on Spotlight:


Allow your staff to shine by giving them opportunities to do so. Consumers develop a desire to see humans back at their favorite businesses. It gives individuals an excellent opportunity to connect with the brand on a more personal level. 


Creating a Game:


Creating games for social media networks is a good way to stay current and increase the engagement of your followers. You can also create challenges for people to participate in, increasing your impressions and reach. If you start a challenge on Instagram stories, it will vanish after a day. As a result, you can also share it on Instagram.




It’s aimed at podcasters and YouTubers alike. Taking a bite-sized audio clip from a popular podcast and translating it into audiograms for social media networks is a great way to boost your social media content strategy.

These audiograms can be made in a variety of methods. Even if you aren’t a podcaster, it works. If your company or brand has video content on YouTube, you can create audio samples from the video content and do the same thing.



Uploading new testimonials increases customer confidence in the service/product and encourages fans to share their own personal stories in the hopes of being featured. It’s an excellent way to turn fans into lifelong brand champions. 


Influencers’ Content:


Collaboration with influencers is beneficial to the brand. Influencers are content providers who assist in the creation of content for your channel. Seek out influencers with higher engagement rates than followers. It implies that the influencer’s audience is more interested in their material, resulting in more traffic and sales for your company. Most businesses and companies on Instagram now use influencer marketing to increase conversions.


Commentary from a user:


Inquire about the opinions of your audience. The direct questions not only increase interaction but also help you get to know your target audience better. To get input from your clients, you can use Instagram story stickers such as question stickers and polls. One of the most well-known firms on Instagram uses Instagram stories to pose queries to which they receive countless responses. The data is then converted into Instagram feeds. It’s a clever strategy for gaining a customer’s faith in your brand or company.



It’s always exciting to think of new Instagram content ideas. Now is the ideal time to put your innovative ideas into action. What was the first content idea you’re going to test out from this list? Each suggestion appears to be an excellent means of achieving your goals. Choose the concepts that will appeal to your audience.

5 Ways Your Brand Can Gain Traction on Instagram


Is Instagram a key for your company? It’s not as simple as it used to be to stand out as a business and gain substantial momentum on Instagram. If that’s the case, how do you plan to stand out from the crowd? If you’re having trouble attracting attention on Instagram, the five strategies below may be able to help you establish momentum on this image-based social network.


  1. Complete your bio:


Tell folks who you are, what you’re about, and what you are doing. You must present them with sufficient knowledge to enable them to determine on the spur of the moment whether or not they must follow you. Because your bio is the only location on Instagram where an activation link can be posted, make sure to include a link to your site here as well. 

Participate in stories. When visitors first come across your Instagram feed, they are inclined to engage with your Instagram stories. Ensure your stories consistently have something happening. That information should be engaging for anybody who encounters it, as well as clear, attractive, and original. Don’t share low-resolution. Post things that are related to your profile!

Concentrate on the photographs. Although we previously stated that your entire brand must be consistent, pictures are, without a doubt, the most crucial aspect. As a result, make sure your Instagram feed is consistent, high-quality, and innovative.


     2. Use Hashtags Appropriately:


Hashtags are just here to stay, whether you like them or not, and Instagram users are huge hashtag users. While other social media platforms allow users to add a hashtag or two, it’s not uncommon to see 5 or even more hashtags per photo on Instagram. If you can incorporate a useful hashtag or three into your photographs, you’ll enhance the likelihood that others outside your network will notice them. It broadens your reach to a new audience and may result in new followers. 


3. Display Your True Self:


The nicest thing about Instagram is how simple it can be to show off how fantastic you and your business are. Accept this by providing photographs that showcase your firm’s best features. Display the people who make your product great, your product lines, and even your clients with behind-the-scenes, VIP access only content like your workspace, which is awesome and fascinating stuff only found in your workplace. You trust in your firm, and your staff do too; now it’s up to you to persuade your audience to believe in you as well.


4. Take part in social activities:


It’s not called a social network for the sole purpose of broadcasting your message and then disappearing. It’s social because you’re supposed to interact with others. Like and comment on the pictures of other like-minded or complementary brands and people. If someone leaves a comment on one of your photos, it’s only courteous to respond. Don’t isolate yourself; keep it sociable and exciting.


5. Using Third-Party Apps:


While Instagram has a lot of cool tools and filters that could make even the worst photos look beautiful, there are a lot of third-party apps for your phone that can make your photos look even better and more intriguing. On my Android device, I use the Photo Grid app, which allows me to make image collages, apply filters, and even add backgrounds to my photos. Camera Zoom FX, an Android camera substitute that also allows you to edit photographs, create collages, add effects and stickers, and touch up images, is another favorite of mine. There are a number of photo software options for both Android and iOS devices that enable you to do far more with your photos than Instagram does. You have a greater chance of being seen if you share photographs that have been cleaned up and altered outside of Instagram because viewers get used to seeing the same old filters added to pictures, but something fresh will stand out.




Instagram continues to be a popular channel for marketers to connect with their customers, particularly millennials. When added to its existing user base and advertising tools, Instagram’s new features make it a powerful tool that should not be ignored in 2022.



10 Effective Instagram Ecommerce Stratergies to Adopt in 2022

Instagram appears to be a useful platform for online sellers, with a lot of promotion and conversion possibilities. Ecommerce stores can turn their stores into sales machines if they play their cards well. In 2022, Instagram e-commerce will surely be the way to go. Now, all you need to do is set up a sophisticated Instagram marketing plan that helps you grow your online store in a big way.


  1. Batching, automating, and rerunning:

One of my favorite Instagram marketing strategies is this one. Clients are searching for genuineness. They appreciate it when companies participate in their buyer’s journey chats. Developing material from scratch each day, on the other hand, is exhausting.

Make certain that all of your work is of excellent quality. The better it is, the more engagement your intended audience will have with it. Consider what you’re going to post before you do it! Use hashtags that are related to your products to produce content.

Don’t squander your time on Instagram now and then. Rather, use apps like Later to plan out a month’s worth of material ahead of time. They guarantee that your Instagram feed is regularly updated with high-quality content. They’ll also keep the intended audience interested all the time.

It’s not enough to publish high-quality content. You must also interact with your fans. Incorporating customer care into your e-commerce site is a smart idea if you have a high number of sales.


  1. Development Utilisation:

You have to find what works well for you as an e-commerce store owner as early as possible. There are two excellent techniques for increasing your Instagram following and brand visibility. First and foremost, cross-collaboration with key influencers. Second, organize contests and provide freebies.


  1. Product Tagging:

You should tag products because they provide a clear call to action. It makes the customer’s buying procedure easier. Instagram allows businesses to tag products in their posts in the same way that they can tag people. Tagging is one of the most effective ways for companies to market on Instagram and reach a larger audience.


  1. Hashtags Help You Save Time:

Instagram hashtags have a lot of power. Each post can contain up to 30 hashtags. They make your material available to a larger audience. It helps to get new potential clients. Do essential hashtag research on a daily basis to save time. After that, create a list of hashtags you want to use and save it.

For example, if you routinely upload product photographs, quotations, or lifestyle photos, make a list of hashtags for each. At the time of this post, add a few relevant hashtags to each post. Because trending hashtags change frequently, it’s important to keep your hashtag list up to date. Also, only use relevant hashtags and don’t overdo it.


  1. Use contests and consumer-generated content to boost sales:

While selling straight from Instagram may work for you, it’s also important to make your fans feel unique. Concentrate on creating an engaging audience with a wide range of user-generated content. For your intended audience, create an aesthetic and engaging feed.


  1. It’s All About Getting Involved

Spend some time liking, commenting, and following your target demographic on social media. It will allow you to grow organically, with spectacular results.

Others are more likely to visit your account if you comment on their postings. Likes are inexpensive and plentiful. Interacting with your fans in a meaningful manner, on the other hand, draws more attention. When you engage with your target audience, they are more likely to reciprocate your likes and possibly start following you.

It is not in your best interest to buy likes or followers. It may appear to be a fast cure, but it will harm your brand in the long term. When they reveal an algorithm adjustment, Instagram does not publish the criteria for blocking material. It’s easy to spot accounts with a huge number of followers but poor engagement. Instagram has a good probability of shadowbanning your account and limiting your reach.


  1. Make the buyer’s journey as simple as possible:

You’re now providing high-quality content and generating significant engagement. Congratulation on flooding your target audience’s Instagram feed with valuable content. Are your Instagram promotional strategies, having a favorable impact on your e-commerce store?

Having a huge number of Instagram followers is fantastic. Furthermore, increased involvement equates to increased brand visibility. These are, though, false statistics. You’ll need to make your buyer’s trip more pleasant in order to achieve long-term success.

The majority of Instagram traffic comes from mobile devices. As a result, your homepage must be mobile-friendly. You can also use Instagram’s location tool to your advantage. It’s a fantastic technique to use Instagram to generate e-commerce revenue.


  1. Enlist the assistance of influencers:

Using Instagram superstars, you may make over a million dollars in sales. Hiring influencers is a simple way to gain followers.


  1. Analytics Are Important

The greatest Instagram marketing plans always include a thorough analysis of metrics. The metrics in the app offer you vital information. This data can be used to boost engagement. You can observe when your Instagram followers are most active by going to the audience tab. Plan your future articles around these hours to get the most bang for your buck.

Keep an eye on the photographs with the most likes. It will give you insight into what your target audience is most interested in. You could use this information to get people more involved by posting more of what they want.


  1. Try Instagram Stories:


Instagram stories have made it significantly easier for more people to interact with their followers. You should absolutely use Instagram posts and update them on a regular basis if you want to build a trendy brand and show some “behind the scenes” videos.

It’s a terrific way to communicate with your most devoted fans while also giving your brand a more humanistic image. It’s something that a lot of firms are doing now, and it’s the only way for your business to thrive in an extremely competitive world.

Take away:

Finally, that’s all there is to it! The most effective Instagram marketing methods. Instagram’s appeal is that it does not necessitate a large expense. You can easily boost your Instagram e-commerce sales. Also, keep track of your progress. You must have enough data on the sales you earned through Instagram in a month


Changes in Instagram and how to get noticed

Changes In Instagram And How To Get Noticed

You could go a day or two without updating your app if you’re not a complete Instagram fan. And you might note when you browse your feed that some buddies’ posts were shared just minutes ago, whereas others could be a few days old. What, then, gives? Why is your Instagram feed no longer a sequential one? As with several other social networks, Instagram’s algorithm has been updated. We’ll send you a short summary of what’s current with the algorithm in this post, along with insights on how to make the most entertaining posts possible to get more Instagram feedback, that will help you leap high in the feed and be spotted by new users.

In June 2016, Instagram confirmed that it was updating its algorithm to present content to users who they cared about, regardless of when it was uploaded. It would make it difficult for social media advertisers to see organic Instagram posts because 70% of the information on their feeds was missed by the majority of users. Instagram jumped on board shortly after Facebook started to offer priority to posts from friends and family of users in 2018. Its algorithms started to favor products and ads less strongly. But brand posts may often overcome these algorithms with natural interaction.

There are a few factors affecting the rating of a post on the Instagram feed, one of them is the number of likes and comments a post receives. When it comes to scoring on the feed of an Instagram user, here’s what counts:

1.The sum of likes and comments you have in an article 

2.If, in the past, the user engaged with your content 

3.How recently have you shared your post? 

If your organic Instagram posts get interaction from your subscribers, it generates a feedback loop: the more users like and interacts with a post, the higher the chance that it will appear on the Explore page, which you can check out your popular content for users who do not already follow. 

There are a few things you have to do before we jump into tactics for generating further comments.

  • Let your account be public

Please ensure that, by opening your account, new followers will find your post. Explore your profile, click the Settings gear icon in the upper right-hand corner, and turn to the Off location on the Private Account button.

  • Push notifications activated

Switch on push notifications so that you can respond to or like the comments of your followers easily. Note, the more users connect with your account, the better your content will show on their feeds. Steer to your profile, click the Setup gear icon in the upper-right corner, click Push Notification Settings, and select which Instagram activities you want to be informed of.

  • Promote Engaging Content

People will not comment on unexciting posts, so assign one member of the team to handle Instagram content planning and editing, but loosen it up to a wider team to procure various images, videos, and concepts to keep your Instagram feed new and exciting.

  • Build an editorial calendar for Instagram

Find out the Instagram publishing cadence which works for you and we suggest that you post not more than once a day. Note, timing is a component in the algorithm because you don’t really want posts to get lost in the mix from earlier in the day. To keep records of what you’re sharing through other social networks, install a social media content calendar so you’re not redundant and you cover all your bases.

Options To Get More Instagram Comments

1.Host a promotion or competition

Hosting an Instagram contest or promotion is a fun and simple way to get fans to check on your Instagram posts. By commenting on your post, you could post on Instagram advertising the contest, then invite users to join. You can make a weeklong campaign for the competition, where users have to reply every day. You might also integrate content created by users and ask followers to post their own pictures and to tag/mention the brand in the article.

2.Stage an Instagram takeover

Instagram takeovers are a wonderful way to get new content and work with friends and marketers on your Instagram. They’re also a subtle way of creating more Instagram interaction. Takeovers include taking over someone’s feed by one Instagram user, generally for a day, and sharing their viewpoint. Acquisitions are often carried out from the viewpoint of: 

  1. A co-worker 
  2. An Influencer 
  3. Another company in your industry

These takeovers help to create more feedback from Instagram if it takes place on your account or if you take over other’s accounts.

3.Ask users to participate and comment

Asking is an easy way to have more Instagram comments.  Post Instagram content that yields itself to sharing, and allows users in the comments to respond to questions or tag their friends and colleagues. It’s a simple and easy way to interact with people, and it also allows you to collect more feedback.   The readers are asked a question. To prompt responses and receive more feedback, you can caption posts with basic questions such as “Agree or disagree?” or “What’s your advice?”

4.Post an amusing, startling, or provocative thing. 

The analysis found that some of the most viral internet moments have triggered strong emotions in a review of what makes content go viral. Posts that generated suspense, shocked the audience and sparked interest and confusion were among the most popular. Emotions that stimulated feelings of joy were also among the most prevalent, so think about posts that you might post on Instagram which helps individuals feel an emotion so intensely that they are forced to comment on it. 

Is there data about a shocking reality, a joyful moment, or an interesting industry trend that you should post? It doesn’t have to be about your brand specifically, either—content that is fun for a wide audience is likely to receive many comments.

5.Post videos

Time spent on watching videos on Instagram grew and users can now upload videos up to one minute in length. Post this entertaining content to get fans to avoid scrolling and view your video from their active Instagram feeds—and make sure it’s interesting. Your audience needs more videos, particularly on social media, and they’ll most definitely do it if you post anything interesting and ask audiences to vote on it in the caption. For instance, to promote an Online Jewellery Business a video on it would be helpful and would reach more people.

6.Use hashtags that are appropriate

Your posts appear in the search for those hashtags and in the Explore tab when you post your content with specific, common Instagram hashtags. In reality, usually, posts with at least one hashtag achieve more than 12 percent more interaction. Influencers and active users can comment naturally when they see you speaking about topics that they are also interested in, or any of the above techniques could be combined to build engagement.

7.At the correct time of day, publish

There’s a lot of discussion on social media about the ideal moment of the day to post, and it’s because the response varies depending on your business, your subscribers, and what kind of content you’re sharing. Our main tip is to check your Instagram engagement rates when you post during the week at various times and decide your posting schedule based on the outcomes. 

8.Upload images of people’s face

Let’s admit it, selfies are cool. And they’re fantastic for your Instagram plan, as it points out, too. A study on 1 million Instagram posts found that posts with facial features are 32% more likely to receive feedback and 38% more likely to draw likes. 

There is not a lot of insight into why this is, but the researchers hypothesized that it is partially since faces, even as children, are powerful forms of nonverbal communication to which people react. Post content on Instagram showcasing selfies, group shots, and candid images, and see if your viewers like your brand’s human aspect.

9.Post images of Animals

To support this there is not a great deal of research, but you know as well as I do that animal are powerful on social media. For a long time, animals have been famous on the net, and animal influencers can raise just as much money on Instagram as human influencers. 

Try sharing lighter, enjoyable content on Instagram followed by a new pup to see whether your viewer really enjoys commenting on animals, whether you have animals in your workplace, or a great photo of a coworker’s pet.

10.Respond to the feedback that you receive. 

Replying to comments will give your followers a sense of belonging and make you seem like you’re genuinely interested in what they have to suggest, just like other types of social media. They can resume the comment thread when users receive a comment in reply. 

Furthermore, if others see your account reacts to comments, they may comment on the post and also engage in the conversation or ask questions about your post.

11.To create eye-catching captions use applicable emojis

Emojis cater to people’s eyes to your captions while hashtags work to drag your post into search. On the whole more eyes on your captions may mean more interaction, comments, and likes. 

While using emojis, make sure that they make sense of what you are sharing and seem suitable for your business. 2 or 3 emojis could be colorful and fun, but with several of them, don’t go excessive.

12.Write more often

Posting more often, like many other social media sites, will make your page look involved and up-to-date. Your posts could get blurred out by others in the Instagram feed when you only post occasionally. 

Many people can see your posts if you post periodically and at appropriate times of the day. It would result in more people supporting you and potentially commenting on your daily posts or responding to them.

13.Promoting a potential Q&A and asking supporters to vote on their questions. 

As we have apps such as Instagram Stories and IGTV, we can organize live Q&A’s which could be posted with these resources and promote them. Advertise a few regular posts to advertise the event if you’re going to interview someone for a live broadcast. 

Ask users to reply with a question for each promotional post that they want to ask the person who is being questioned. You will see a torrent of question comments from users, based on the interview topic. This technique, along with more feedback, would also encourage your supporters to feel like they are personally interacting with your content and adding to it.

14.The Secret Is Engagement 

On Instagram, likes, comments, and video views are important because they impact how your posts fall in the feed. In turn, if a lot of users connect with your posts, your content will be found on the Explore page, so check these methods of attracting further replies on Instagram.

To know how Instagram can be used to improve your business contact our Digital marketing team.