9 Best Forum WordPress Plugins for 2022

WordPress forums are a core part of any site that aims to provide an experience, whether through a paid one, a free one, or both. By collaborating and exchanging ideas, your visitors can make the most of their stay, and you, the site administrator, may use forums to gradually improve the website.


You can boost both the volume of traffic and the duration of visitors’ stays on your site by adding a forum. If your website sells goods and services or runs advertisements, this could result in an increase in revenue.


  1. WP Symposium Pro:

 You already have forums and Q&A websites, so why not go the extra mile and create your own social network?WP Symposium Pro seeks to offer this. Its plugin gives your WordPress website extra features, including user profiles, activity walls, and invitations to pals. You can create forums, message boards, and product-question forums. Integrating YouTube videos, photo galleries, and personal messages is also supported.


The potential of WP Symposium Pro is far bigger, and that itself could persuade many others to take the plunge, even though it’s not as simple to start up as a basic forum as others on this list offer.


  1. bbPress: 

For many WordPress users, bbPress is the simple forum solution they’ve been looking for all along. 


No matter the budget or degree of experience, bbPress aims to create a straightforward but functional forum area for any WordPress website. The plugin integrates effortlessly into your administrator dashboard and won’t conflict with your theme or the majority of other plugins you install because it is managed by the same developers that work on the WordPress core.


You won’t be upsold after downloading because there is no paid version and it is free. However, it can easily fulfill all necessary forum-related requirements. With the help of the features in bbPress, you may: create a user account for posting, monitor the forum; create several discussion threads; alter the forum’s appearance; and much more.


bbpress comes pre-written with efficient, lightweight code, which keeps your website running smoothly. You can download free extensions from its library for more features. You can add a CAPTCHA, upload a lot of photos, manage private groups, and use a lot of different extensions.


  1. BuddyPress:


Another plugin created by WordPress contributors is BuddyPress. BuddyPress, on the other hand, is software that transforms your WordPress sites into social networks for free and is more than just a straightforward forum plugin. For bloggers and company owners who would like to create communities around their products and/or content, BuddyPress is fantastic. 


Just like bbPress, BuddyPress is quick and simple to add to the site and set up. Visitors can establish profiles, connect to other users, post activities, exchange images, form public and private groups, and communicate privately after the plugin is loaded. 


Furthermore, there are numerous BuddyPress plugins for whatever the plugin can’t handle on its own, as well as BuddyPress themes that are particularly compatible with the plugin. Even better, you can use bbPress and BuddyPress to add forums to your social networking website.


  1. Forym: 

Forym is another simple yet functional forum plugin for WordPress.It features extremely basic layouts, basic navigation, and design components, but it also contains a drag-and-drop editor which allows you to customize it. 


Both the forum and the WordPress Comments feature are replaced by Forym. It offers a very straightforward text editor that any WordPress user would be immediately comfortable using, along with user roles, admin roles, a reputation system, a subject election system, a built-in profanity filter, moderation tools, and @mention tools.

Even though it’s a basic forum plugin, this one offers all the essential functions a small forum would want.


  1. Sabai Discuss WordPress Plugin


Another Q&A-style forum plugin for WordPress is called Sabai Discuss. This is another great choice for people who like a layout that is more like StackOverflow than a typical forum. 


The Sabai Discuss WordPress plugin has a simple design that is entirely responsive and ought to function on any device. The plugin is well-designed. It has a good user profile area, tools for admins to report comments and moderate them, a user reputation system, support for custom fields, and support for PHP markdown and HTML filtering. 


The plugin does a lot while still leaving you satisfied. The Sabai Discuss plugin for WordPress may be what you’re looking for if you like an appealing and simple-to-read question and response format.


  1. Simple Press

A WordPress forum plugin called Simple Press is made for larger communities or those that aspire to grow to be large communities. Although it is a robust plugin with many capabilities, it still manages to be quite simple to use and understand.


You may establish an endless number of forums, groups, sub forums, and private discussion spaces with Simple Press. It also provides comprehensive user and profile administration tools. You also get a fairly useful admin panel with all the tools a forum should have, such as permissions, tracking of topics, tools for moderators, and more.


The plugin is free in its basic form, but it also comes in a paid edition that includes push notification capability, a user reputation system, analytics, user administration tools, post rating tools, polls, and much more.


  1. ForumEngine

Another well-liked WordPress forum plugin that adds a forum to the current site is ForumEngine. You may incorporate forum pages everywhere and incorporate a thread feed wherever you wish because of its close integration with WordPress. 


It has a straightforward interface with tabs at the top, so you can view all posts, follow threads, and keep tabs on everything going on. Additionally, you have access to the standard profile features, moderating tools, search, a user profile page to keep track of all your forum activity, and a whole lot more. 


ForumEngine, unlike many of these other WordPress forum plugins, has a full styling feature that lets you change every aspect of how the forum looks and feels.


8. Asgaros Forum

Without getting bogged down in the technicalities, Asgaros Forum is a WordPress forum plugin that offers all the essentials of a forum. This plugin has a limited range of functionality, but it excels at what it does.


For sites that want to provide a straightforward, compact forum, Asgaros Forum is perfect. Shortcode installation is required, and it has a simple admin portal with tools for topic monitoring, user profiles, groups, and lists, reporting, banning, moderation, notifications, search, pools, and other features, as well as some customization options.

Even though it wasn’t made for bigger or busier communities, the forum has a nice look and feel that makes it perfect for smaller groups.


  1. Responsive Bulletin Board with Simple Forum

In a nice manner, Simple Forum-Responsive Bulletin Board certainly lives up to its name. This is a straightforward WordPress forum plugin, yet it excels at what it does. It is uncomplicated, precise, and well-coded. everything a plugin should have.

A more conventional forum plugin, Simple Forum-Responsive Bulletin Board, has a simple design, easily readable categories, and topic layouts, customization possibilities using HTML and bbcode, support for custom fields, thread rating tools, and search.

The plugin is a good choice for anyone who wants a simple forum with user roles, badges, social network integration, events, and most of the other things you’d expect from a forum.


Take away:

You’ll have several possibilities for setting up a forum in WordPress if your goal is to stimulate public discussion on your site or respond to questions about your product.